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Code of Ethics for the Students of the Koszalin University of Technology

We, the students of the Koszalin University of Technology, in consideration of the notable impact of studies on the quality of the human life, firmly believe that we were given this opportunity which was not available to many but to few, and which many young people in the past did not receive: not because of their personal abilities but because of social relations.

This opportunity is the possibility to gain knowledge. We do believe that the present Code will serve as a proof of our awareness of the extraordinary significance of knowledge and the resulting responsibility.

Abiding by our academic and community duties and being aware of our responsibility for the good name of the student, we undertake to observe ethical principles and to apply the highest academic standards. We hereby declare as follows:



§ 1

  1. We shall follow the fundamental moral and ethical principles that are the foundations of our civilisation.

  2. We shall observe the valid law, and the Higher Education Act in particular, as well as any other legal acts that are valid at our University.


§ 2

  1. We shall be in constant pursuit of self-perfection.

  2. We shall offer support to other students in their pursuit of gaining knowledge and abilities.

  3. We shall use the knowledge obtained for the good of our Country.


§ 3

We shall follow the conduct in accordance with the oath we have taken, and in particular:

  1. we shall remain persistent in our efforts aimed at acquiring knowledge and development of our own personalities;

  2. we shall respect the academic rights and customs;

  3. we shall cherish the student’s dignity and honour.


§ 4

We shall honestly and fairly perform our duties, and in particular:

  1. we shall earn credits for the subject and prepare semester assignments and diploma projects while respecting copyrights;

  2. we shall timely fulfil our obligations towards the University.


§ 5

We shall enjoy the freedom of speech while following the principles of fair and substantive discussion.


§ 6

We shall contribute to the good of the Academic Community, and we shall cherish the good name and the good image of our University, and we shall respect its traditions.


§ 7

  1. We shall respect the dignity of all the members of the Academic Community.

  2. We shall show due respect to the University’s personnel.


§ 8

We shall cooperate in the promotion of the present Code among the students and other members of the Academic Community.