About University


About the University

The Koszalin University of Technology is a modern university that can boast of traditions. For over 45 year now, it has been the only public technical university in the Middle Pomerania region. It provides education to nine thousand students in all the systems available, and it covers 27 study courses including economics, arts and humanities.

For decades, the Koszalin University of Technology has been a breeding ground for highly qualified personnel in the region. It has provided education to 45 thousand graduates, who found jobs in all of the most important branches of economy and industry. In the year 2014, in the ranking published by the “Perspektywy” education portal known as the “Prestige with Employers 2014”, it obtained the best scores from entrepreneurs from among all the higher education institutions in Zachodniopomorskie Province.

The Koszalin University of Technology possesses experienced lecturers, well-developed laboratory facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, a sports and entertainment arena, an e-learning platform, a large university library, a very active academic environment, a wide-ranged grant system and a hot-spot network.

The University offers the best conditions for study and personal development. It is constantly adapting study courses to the requirements on the labour market and to students' expectations. Studies at the Koszalin University of Technology guarantee to students an optimal professional preparation and a good starting point in their careers.


Advantages of the location of the Town/University

The Koszalin University of Technology is situated at the feet of the Chełmska Hill, in the neighbourhood of the Jamno and Lubiatowskie Lakes, surrounded by beautiful Pomeranian forests, in one of the most environment-friendly regions, and in a picturesque town with a high development level and a growing involvement on the part of the local residents.

An extraordinary advantage of the town's location is that it is on the route from Szczecin to Gdansk and in close proximity to the Baltic coast. To get from the city centre to the seaside resort of Mielno, you need to cover as little as 14 kilometres. You can get there going on foot along tourist trails, by bike, a railbus or a passenger boat through the nearby lake. Outside of the tourist season, it takes 40 minutes to get to the seaside resorts of Kołobrzeg and Darłowo.


Availability of accommodation facilities

The Koszalin University of Technology is located on three campuses by the following streets: Kwiatkowskiego, Racławicka and Śniadeckich. It takes only a few minutes to reach each campus by bus. Convenient public transport facilitates provide students with easy communication between the campuses and the students' residential area.

The University has four student dormitories at its disposal, where each room has an Internet access. The buildings form the students' residential area by Rejtana Street. This area also includes the “Kreślarnia” Student Club, the “Żak pod Kreską” Pub, the Jantar Student Radio, the seat of the Student Parliament of the University, a volleyball pitch and a car park.

The student dormitories include rooms with two and three beds. Those with three beds posses fridges and kitchen annexes. The students' residential area is situated near one of the university campuses: by Śniadeckich Street. To reach the other ones, you need to take a bus. There is a bus stop opposite the students' residential area. It takes only a couple of minutes to reach the campuses by Racławicka and Kwiatkowskiego streets.

Places in the student dormitory are available over a period of nine months: from the start of October to the end of June. The criteria for awarding places are available on the University's website. To apply for a place, you need to submit an application form and to pay an accommodation deposit. The accommodation fee amount is announced every academic year.


Cost of accommodation in student hostels

Monthly fees for a place in a student hostel at the Koszalin University of Technology range from PLN 280 to PLN 520 per month: depending on the number of room-mates and the standard of the facility. Fees for the stay are specified for a given academic year, and they may be subject to some minute changes in the year to follow.

The October deposit is PLN 80, and it is payable prior to the commencement of the academic year, yet it is refunded with the payment of the first accommodation fee. The costs of the car park and Internet access are included in the accommodation fee.


Availability of scholarships

The Koszalin University of Technology offers different financial assistance systems to its students. This applies both to full-time and part-time programme students. Benefits are awarded in accordance with the rules available at the University's website.

A student or a PhD student may apply for the following: the maintenance grant, the special disability grant, the Rector's grant for the best students or PhD students, the Minister's grant for outstanding achievements and an aid payment. A student or a PhD student needs to submit an application for these to the Dean's Office.

Grants are payable by the fifteenth day of every month, with the exception of October and March, when the payment might be postponed by one month.



The students' environment, which is represented by the Students’ Parliament of the Koszalin University of Technology as well as the student self-governments of the individual faculties and institutes, is very active.

Students organize regular and occasional events. They are involved in educational and charity events; they participate in local community events. They are active in research clubs and student organizations; they exercise in the University's sports sections, and they participate in study trips and research.

The following organizations operate at the University: the student Jantar Radio (available in the Internet) with a long-standing tradition, HD Platon TV studio and the University Distance Learning Centre, the editorial team of “Kurier Akademicki”: an independent students and graduates' quarterly, and Widzimisie.pl Internet portal.

The students can pursue their interests in the following organizations: the “Dedal” Flying Club, the Voluntary Blood Donor Club, the Student Tourist Organization, the Koszalin Business Centre Club Student Forum, the Academic Dance Club, the “Hetman” Chess Club, the University's Yacht Club, and the University's Racing Club.

The Kreślarnia University Student Club, for yet another year, has received the prestigious title of the best student club in Poland.

Apart from the several dozen of student organizations, each faculty and institute has its own research clubs.